Apache Storm Laser mm Receiver with clamp - Laserometer

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SuperCell technology improves every aspect of the way you pick-up your laser and check your elevations. Accuracy, toughness, and reception height have all been redefined - at an affordable price. It is a must have for anyone who needs to know where their elevation is - quickly.

Select from five accuracy settings to suit your job site tolerances. The Laserometer will not only show you high, low, and on-grade - but how far from on-grade in millimetres.

Easy to use. Turn it on and go. Basic functions are a single press away. Set your accuracy and volume levels, and get to work. It will remember your last settings, even after changing the batteries.

Huge vertical reception range lets you find the beam quickly, even at long distances. No more missing the beam and searching high and low for a laser strike. Checking elevation without moving the clamp on the rod will turbocharge your grade checking.

Totally waterproof and designed to stand up to the toughest construction environments. New SuperCell technology uses durable acrylic components rather than fragile soldered components of traditional methods.

Works with all infrared and red beam rotating lasers. Use everywhere you currently use your laser.

Not only will you be able to tell if you are high, low, or on-grade - you will be able to tell by EXACTLY HOW MUCH. Know how hard to hit the stake. Know how far to move the form. Get a quick estimate of how much material to bring in or take out.

  • Gives distance in mm to level
  • Rugged design
  • Comes with clamp
  • Working Radius: 1 m - 300 m (Laser dependent)
  • Laser Detection Height: 127 mm
  • Numeric Readout Height: 102 mm
  • Reception Angle: ±45 degrees minimum
  • Detectable Spectrum: 610 nm to 780 nm
  • Beeper Volumes: Loud 110 dBA, Medium 95 dBA, Low 65 dBA
  • LED Grade Indicators: Front, Green on-grade, Red Hi/Low
  • Power Supply: 2 x 1.5 Volt "AA" batteries
  • Battery Life: 60+ hours
  • Automatic Shut Off: Selectable, 30 minutes, 24 hours, Off
  • Environmental: Waterproof, Dustproof to IP67
  • Dimensions without clamp: 168 x 76 x 36 mm
  • Weight without clamp: 371 g
  • Shipping Dimensions: 203 x 122 x 86 mm
  • Shipping Weight: 650 g
  • Operating Temp: -20°C to +60°C
  • Storage Temp: -40°C to +70°C
  • Warranty: 12 months
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