Calibration guarantee

Every laser, level, total station or theodolite we sell, goes through our service department for calibration before it is put in the warehouse or showroom for sale.  Our commitment to our customers is to guarantee that you are buying an instrument you can trust to perform accurately, right out of the box. 

When we calibrate instruments, we're not satisfied to adjust to the manufacturers tolorance, we strive for perfect calibration every time - often to a higher precision than the manufacturer considers "acceptable".  

If you are comparing instrument suppliers, be aware that an instrument that has left the factory and come halfway around the world before you purchase it, is quite likely to be out of calibration.  If the retailer does not have the facility to test and calibrate it before they sell it to you, then no matter what the brochure's specifications say, and no matter how much you pay for it, if it's out of calibration, your measurements on the job will be incorrect.

Calibration Certification

On request we can issue a calibration certificate with your new or repaired equipment to authenticate the accuracy.  This is required on many sites now, so just let the sales person or technician know and we will include a certificate at no additional cost.