Carlson Seco Twist Lock Robotic Prism Pole - 2.6m - Leica Bayonet Top

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Manufacturer: Carlson
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2.6m Twist-Lock aluminium prism pole with bayonet tip and soft rubber knobs to clamp the sections in place. This 2 section metal pole features a metric graduation, with the readings calibrated to suit a standard robotic prism. Features a locking pin with holes in the pole section.

  • Locking pin and holes
  • Wear-resistant for long life
  • 2-section pole
  • Metric Grad (cm)
  • Bayonet Tip
  • The soft rubber knob is easy to tighten or loosen, even when wearing gloves
  • Powder-coated and silk screened aluminium
  • Built in circular level bubble
  • Smooth telescopic action
  • Tough twist knob locking mechanism
  • Suitable for prism or GPS use
  • Interchangeable shoe
  • Extended Length: 2.6m
  • Top: Leica Bayonet
  • Vial: 40 minute
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