CScope CAT Minitran Self-Powered Transmitter Metal Pipe Sonde 512Hz - C.Scope

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Manufacturer: C.Scope
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The C.Scope Metal Pipe Sonde is specially designed with a low frequency 512Hz signal output that is capable of being transmitted through any metallic pipe wall to the surface. This makes it not only ideal for finding the location of a buried metal pipe but also the position of a blockage or drain camera. Detectable range is up to 5 metres deep with a C.Scope Precision Pipe and Cable Locator (dependant on pipe material, dimensions and soil conditions).

  • Insert inside pipes
  • Self-contained transmitter
  • Red case to identify as the Low Frequency Sonde.
  • 512Hz transmit signal allowing detection and tracing by a C.Scope Precision Pipe and Cable Locator.
  • Simple to use.
  • Very robust.
  • Single AA battery operation.
  • Fully weatherproof design to IP68.
  • Compatible with most drain rods.
  • Resin sealed electronics.
  • Length : 121mm
  • Diameter: 39mm
  • Output Frequency : 512Hz continuous. Tracked by C.A.T. in G mode
  • Range: Up to 5 metres with a C.Scope Precision Pipe and Cable Locator (dependant on pipe material and wall thickness)
  • Thread size: M10 threaded stud supplied with 7 t.p.i. rod fitting
  • Battery: 1x AA
  • Battery Life: Approximately 25 hours
  • Approvals:EN301489, EN300 330, EAN 5060086350791
  • Warranty: 3 Years
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