DigPilot 2D Excavator Machine Control System

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Manufacturer: DigPilot
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DigPilot is a brand by the Norwegian Company Gundersen & Løken AS, established in 1899. The DigPilot 2D machine control system for hydraulic excavators allows you to dig quicker, safer and more accurately than ever before and you can put DigPilot to use immediately. With reliable wireless technology, the installation and application of the DigPilot is fast and easy.

The principle is simple; three wireless sensors continuously measure the bucket’s position in real-time displaying the desired grade and your distance to get there on the bright, full colour display.

The DigPilot 2D can easily be upgraded to 3D with GPS/GNSS. This only requires the GPS itself and new software in the DigPilot computer. When using the DigPilot GPS software there is no need for a second control panel taking up space in your cab.

Each DigPilot system can remember the calibration for 20 excavators and up to 20 buckets for each excavator, making swapping between machines quick and easy.

  • Faster job completion
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced checking
  • Less material waste
  • Eliminate over-excavating
  • Fast to set up and use
  • Bright touch screen display
  • Wireless tilt sensors
  • High resolution control box
  • Simple install
  • Intuitive interface
  • Sensor Enclosure: IP67 Polycarbonate
  • Sensor Dimensions: 112mm x 68mm x 48mm
  • Sensor Weight: 0.23kg
  • Sensor Operating Temperature: -20 to +60 Degrees C
  • Sensor Operating Time: Approximately 120 hours
  • Display Enclosure: IPX6 Magnesium
  • Display Dimensions: 158mm x 158mm x 253mm
  • Display Weight: 1.44kg without batteries
  • Display Operating Temperature: 0 to +50 Degrees C
  • Power: 12/24 Volt
  • Warranty: 12 months
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