Horizon HRP90 Road Monitoring Prism Reflector

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Manufacturer: Horizon
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Because your safety matters! The HRP90 road monitoring prism is designed to be installed on active traffic roads, where it would be hazardous for personnel to be working. Road safety for both the surveyor and motorists were the primary concerns during the design process of the product. A highly accurate copper coated prism is encased in virtually indestructible polymer, with gradual case gradients to facilitate frequent or continual vehicle movements over it in a non-obtrusive and safe manner. Measurement to the prism from the total station is facilitated by a wide funnel opening. The prism unit could be installed and secured via 4 survey nails. The unit is very robust, waterproof, and designed to cope with continual heavy rolling of vehicle wheels over it, without being a hazard to the vehicles or the surveyor.

  • Robust
  • Waterproof
  • Safe for vehicles to travel over it even at high speeds
  • Eliminates danger for surveyors and motorists, where a road survey is required
  • Measure with: Total station
  • Distance: Up to 500m
  • Accuracy: 5”
  • Diameter 150mm
  • Thickness: 20mm (in the centre)
  • Prism: 10mm copper coated prism
  • Body: Virtually indestructible polymer
  • Recommended installation: 4x Survey nails
  • Body colour: White
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