Horizon SeaHawk Marine Water Drone USV Boat System

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The HORIZON SeaHawk is integrated with intelligent water navigation robot technology, topographic survey technology and provides intelligent, unmanned, integrated, motorised networked measurement solutions. It’s widely used for geomorphological survey and mapping, channel survey, nuclear radiation measurement, underwater geological exploration and other fields. With SeaHawk, it will reduce the risks of personnel security to a minimum level, and highly improve the manoeuvrability and efficiency of underwater monitoring.

Measurement system
The whole measurement system includes the single beam echo sounder system, high accuracy GNSS receiver (GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2, BD, B1/B2/B3), flatbed IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) for onboard data acquisition and backup, digital radio for data transmission in realtime, and ground base station with geomorphological mapping software.

Convenient and Efficient
HORIZON Survey Boat platform system can collect data for local storage from multi pieces of equipment in real time, and wirelessly sent data back to the ground monitoring terminal or assigned base station. After data processing, mapping the landform of ocean floor, screeve parameter maps, etc.

Powerful and Unmanned
With 10 hours’ battery life, maximum speed 5m/s, hull anticorrosion sealing and 6 levels of wind resistance, SeaHawk will navigate autonomously to finish the task in strict accordance with mission plan. And the data is sent to ground monitoring stations by wireless bridge for realtime monitoring, analysis, storage, etc.

  • Geomorphological survey and mapping
  • Channel survey
  • Nuclear radiation measurement
  • Underwater geological exploration
  • Triple hulled vessel, with two dismountable floating bodies for balancing
  • Light ship body, less than 10 KG
  • Internal high sensitivity inertial navigation system, automatically drives in strict accordance with mission plan
  • With maximum speed of 5 m/s, automatically adjusts revolving speed whilst driving upstream or downstream
  • Counterrotating dual propellers for shallow draft
  • High expansibility. Capable of carrying single beam, multi-beam, side scan sonar, or ADCP, etc.
  • Dimensions: 1600 mm×380 mm×240 mm (adjustable width)
  • Weight: ≤10 kg
  • Material: Macromolecule polyester carbon fiber
  • Type: Triple hulled vessel
  • Power Consumption: 18.5 V 44 Ah
  • Maximum Speed: 5 m/s
  • Navigation Mode: Auto/Manual
  • Battery Life Standard: 6 hours, Extended up to 12 hours
  • Draught: 0.15 m
  • Maximum Load: 40 kg
  • Wind Resistance: 7 knots
  • Wave Resistance: 2 m
  • Data Port: RS232/Internet access
  • Communication: 2 Way Radio, network bridge
  • Communication Distance: 0.15 m
  • Sounding Range: 0.3 m 300 m
  • Sounding Draught: 13 cm
  • Sounding Ping: ≥30 HZ
  • Sounding Frequency: 20 KHz
  • Sounding Precision: 1 cm+0.1%* h
  • Sounding Pulse power: 300 w
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