Marksman c-001 Hands Free Prism Trivet With Handle and Laser Positioning

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The Marksman equipped with the calibrated green laser module is the ultimate tool for quick and accurate construction layout. Whether you're laying-out multiple points, setting up gridlines, setting control points or setting/measuring traverse points - measure hands-free with consistent repeatability. Ideal for layout on concrete and for setting mechanical, electrical and piping fixtures on form decks.

Designed for the Total Station Surveyor looking for an accurate, effective and hands-free approach to targeting.
With a bright green collimated laser pointer to show not only the ground mark, but reversable to also shoot a vertical position above the prism (see video below for demonstration). This is the easiest to use and the most accurate of the Marksman survey prism trivets. The swivel feet and comfort grips make this unit both easy to carry and to use, to measure control points, property bars, nails, spikes, cut-crosses, monuments, anchor bolts, etc. Equipped with a standard 5/8-11 thread at the rod point, this unit can accept all prism types. Constructed of 19mm Powder-Coated Aluminium with 200mm leg base and 63mm diameter swivel foot to help prevent it from just blowing over in the wind.
There is a large 27mm diameter bulls-eye bubble vial for quick, easy leveling.

Data Collector can be mounted to the handle for complete hands-free targeting. Prism and rod extensions not included and are shown for illustrating the set-up.

  • Collimated Green Laser Module (5mW Class IIIa) with Illuminated Green Switch and internal 2AAA Battery Pack with long lasting Lithium batteries included.
  • 3/4" Anodised Red Aluminum Tooling Plate
  • ATA Rated Custom Case 1" Dense Foam Insert for secure storage and transport
  • Anodised Aluminium Adjustable Comfort Grip Handle
  • (3) Swivel Feet for easy leveling on uneven surfaces
  • 27mm diameter Level Bubble (10' / 0.1" Sensitivity)
  • Target Swivel Adaptor - Rotate Prism without changing height
  • Bright, collimated green laser plummet (can be used both up and down)
  • Hands free measurements with a total station
  • Adjustable/removable handle
  • Rotating Prism Mount, Knurled Aluminium - allows prism to be rotated without changing the height of the prism.
  • Large bulls-eye bubble
  • Rubber Comfort Grips
  • Easy to set up
  • Thread Tensioning
  • Heavy duty aluminium and stainless steel construction
  • Bubble vial sensitivity: 10' / 0.1"
  • Prism Mounting Thread: 5/8th x 11
  • Thread for Rod Point: 5/8th x 11
  • Body: Anodised 19mm Aluminium
  • Legs: Stainless Steel 5/8-11 x 200mm
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