Marksman XY-010 Hands Free Prism Trivet With Handle

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Designed for the Total Station Surveyor looking for an accurate, effective and hands-free approach to targeting.
The swivel feet and comfort grips make this unit both easy to carry and to use, to measure control points, property bars, nails, spikes, cut-crosses, monuments, anchor bolts, etc. Equipped with a standard 5/8-11 thread at the rod point, this unit can accept all prism types. Constructed of 19mm Powder-Coated Aluminium with 200mm leg base and 63mm diameter swivel foot to help prevent it from just blowing over in the wind.
There are 2 mounted tubular levels set at 90 degrees and in-line with the leveling legs for quick easy leveling.

Data Collector can be mounted to the handle for complete hands-free targeting. Prism and rod extensions not included and are shown for illustrating the set-up.

  • Hands free measurements with a total station
  • Adjustable/removable handle
  • Rotating Prism Mount, Knurled Aluminium - allows prism to be rotated without changing the height of the prism.
  • Two bubble vials set at 90 degrees
  • Rubber Comfort Grips
  • Easy to set up
  • Thread Tensioning
  • Heavy duty aluminium and stainless steel construction
  • Bubble vial sensitivity: 9.5' / 0.050"
  • Prism Mounting Thread: 5/8th x 11
  • Thread for Rod Point: 5/8th x 11
  • Body: Powder-Coated 19mm Aluminium
  • Legs: Stainless Steel 5/8-11 x 200mm
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