Myzox GFS-55 Fibreglass Level Staff

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Manufacturer: Myzox
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The Myzox GFS-55 level staff is ideal for situations where conduction is a problem i.e. around power lines. Made to the highest quality possible. Buttons provide strong, play-free locking. Silk screened 5mm & 10mm face graduations for protection from fading and wear. This model also has a female 5/8th thread in the top to allow adaption to take a prism or other attachment.

With a red and white banded inverted mm height scale on the back for taking internal measurements, like room heights, garage door widths etc...

The Myzox GFS-55 also comes complete with a carrying bag.

  • Durable, Non-Conductive, Corrosion-proof Fibreglass
  • Silk screened graduations are protected from fading and wear with abrasion resistant polyurethane
  • Height measuring scale on back of staff
  • Telescoping oval shape sections for quick extension and retraction
  • Height measuring scale on back of staff
  • Construction: Fibreglass
  • Warranty: 12 months
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