Myzox REVO360 360 Degree Prism Reflector Set

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Manufacturer: Myzox
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The Myzox REVO360 is a 360 degree mini prism with a difference! Most 360 degree prisms are glued together, so if you break one face, the whole thing needs to be replace - well not with REVO360! Each prism face on the REVO360 can be replaced individually, saving you money with simple repairs, rather than throwing the whole product out.

REVO360 has a 6mm male screw at the top and bottom which is used with Myzox's 9mm prism pole set for use with robotic total stations.

  • REVO360 Prism
  • 75mm Shoe (DMP-M6750
  • Circular bubble level (PC-40L)
  • Protective fabric band for prism
  • Carry case with carabiner clip
  • Instruction manual
  • 6mm male thread on top and bottom
  • Compatible with optional adapters for 5/8 and Leica bayonet fittings
  • Suits: Robotic total stations
  • Prism Constant: -4.4mm (Leica:+30mm)
  • Weight: 120g
  • Screw: 6mm male top and bottom
  • Optional accessories: PPA100R For 5/8 prism poles, LSP100R For Leica Bayonet pole
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