Spot-on Powerline S7BL Dot and Line Laser

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The Powerline S7BL is a self-levelling, red-beam dot and crossline laser that is capable of performing a wide range of tasks thanks to a horizontal and vertical crossline, and five laser dots spaced 90° apart. The horizontal and vertical crossline are used for levelling or alignment, while the laser dots can be used for plumb and also squaring off.
The Powerline S7BL features a tilt alarm to alert the operator if it is outside of its levelling range.

With the POWERLINE S7BL you get a:

1) Plumbing beam up
2) Plumbing beam down
3) Level beam
4) Squaring beam to the left
5) Squaring beam to the right
6) Horizontal line
7) Vertical line
8) Cross

Not only that, but because the 5 dot laser is in one end and the crossline is at the other, you have every side of the laser level firing a bright, crisp beam that is easy to read for all interior work. BUT... usually because this type of level is designed to be used as a visible laser for interior work, they don’t work outside as you can’t see the beam in bright sunlight – well Spot-On thought about that too! The S7BL also comes complete with a receiver, so that you can use it outside up to 50m, even when the human eye can’t pick up the beam - the receiver still can.

Ideal for all: level, square, plumb, tiling, set-out, plumbing, electrical, alignment, renovations, DIY, design, kitchens, glazing, flooring… the list goes on.

  • Powerline S7BL
  • Detector and clamp
  • Magnetic base
  • Small indoor tripod
  • Laser target
  • Laser glasses
  • Carry case
  • Batteries
  • Self Levelling
  • Receiver for outdoor use
  • Brilliant bright focused beams
  • Flashing out-of-level indicator
  • Pendulum Lock for storage
  • Auto Line Centring
  • Huge kit of included accessories
  • Auto Grade Zeroing
  • Dust, dirt and water resistant
  • Laser Class: 2 Red
  • Self-Leveling Level range: ± 4 degree
  • Accuracy: ± 3mm @ 20m
  • Receiver Range: 1m (minimum) up to 50m
  • Self Leveling Range: ±4°
  • Operating Range: 60m with included receiver
  • IP Rating: 54
  • Battery type: Alkaline
  • Battery life:10 hours
  • Warranty: 3 years
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