Spot-on Powerline Wall and floor mount

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Make installing track, lighting and ceilings easier and more accurate. Powerline's wall mount can be used with all Powerlines interior laser models (and many other brands) to attach the laser directly to the wall. If the floors are too good to damage with tripod feet, or if the work site is just too busy to risk your laser getting knocked over, then just put it up on the wall out of harms way. With adjustable height, you can move the laser up and down to get the beam at the exact height you want for ceilings etc. without having to measure an offset. Can be screwed directly to a stud or use the clamp mounting to clamp it right on to a ceiling side rail.

With applicable models, the mount can also be used as a floor mount to hold a laser at 90 degrees for vertical lines.

  • Quick release clamp
  • Adjustable height
  • Powerline tough
  • Suits: All Powerline interior lasers (fits most other brands of modern lasers levels)
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