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Got a question about something on our web site? Ask Chip!

Chip is Trig Instruments' new Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot.  He has been trained to help with commonly asked questions. The more people chat with him, the more he learns, making his artificial intelligence smarter every day. He's adaptable and accessible across multiple devices and platforms with new content being added daily. Chip is working 24 hours a day to help customers when they need it, even when our office is closed and our staff are tucked up in bed.

Where do you find Chip?  You already have, he's right down there on the bottom right hand corner of every page of our website.

How does Chip work?  Chip is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot which has been programmed with answers to common questions.  If you ask a question he has not been programmed for, he will use his AI to try and find the best answer for you.  Usually he gets the right information but sometimes... not so much. But Chip is still very new to the job, so the more questions he's asked, the more he learns.  If he's unable to give a good answer this time, a human will teach him, so he'll hopefully know the answer the next time you visit.

Try this:

Not only is Chip friendly and helpful, he also has his own personality.  Try asking him questions like:

  • Tell me a joke
  • What are you doing?
  • What is your mother’s name?