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Why Choose a Laser and Level Expert?

Lasers and levels are available from many retailers, wholesalers and specialist dealers like ourselves.  They may all look similar and the specifications, but there can be some giant differences.  So before you buy a laser or a level, please note these points:


With almost everything in life "you get what you pay for".  However in our industry this is often not the case at all.  We regularly see very basic laser levels for sale at hardware stores, for up to twice the cost of a high-end model from elsewhere. 
When we price a laser or level, it is priced to fit in our full line up, so if it does less than another model, it will be cheaper than that model.  Dealers who only sell one or two laser levels don't have anything to compare the price with, so they offer it for whatever price they feel like, even if it is well outside what is standard across the industry.  Never assume that the expensive laser level is going to do more or be better in any way than a lower cost model.


When a laser level leaves the factory and comes half way around the world, it gets loaded in and out of ships, trucks, planes, containers and cartons, so chances are very high that the laser is not going to still be in calibration when it reaches the consumer.  At Trig Instruments, we have our own in-house service department, so every single laser or level we import, goes through a rigorous calibration and testing process before it is put on the shelf for sale.  If you are looking at a dealer that does not have an in-house service department, ask them at what point the laser or level was last calibrated and how they can guarantee that it still is.  If anybody tells you that their lasers don't need calibrating, they are lying, all models can and do go out of calibration.  
Our lasers and levels all come with vouchers for free calibrations, so if you are starting a new job or you think the instrument may have taken a knock, send it in to us so we can give you the peace of mind to know your laser or level is performing as accurately as it should.   


We service all brands (depending on the availability of parts) and everyday we have people bring in lasers and levels they have purchased from another dealer who cannot help them because the product is over a certain age (we have seen this as low as 2 years), or because they import the instrument but not spare parts, or because they just don't have a service department in this country.  Many dealers use us as their service department, but if the importer does not bring in spare parts, we may be unable to help.  For our own lasers and levels, we keep a massive inventory of parts in stock and we continue to bring parts in for as long as they are available from the factory.  Once the factory stop making the parts, we will start to strip parts off traded-in instruments, so that we can keep your gear going for as long as possible.  We also offer our customers loan equipment at no charge while we service theirs, because we want to do everything we can to keep you working.

So ask your laser and level dealer:

  1. How long is support available for on this product?
  2. When was your stock calibrated?
  3. Are parts readily available?
  4. Does it have to get sent our of town our back to the factory for servicing?
  5. Are loan instruments available?

Stock and pricing

We offer a complete range from small dot and line lasers, right up to high-end grade lasers and specialty lasers.  We offer excellent value lower cost models and premium brands, but every laser we sell is high quality, fully supported and good value for money.
We don't jack prices up so we can give "trade discounts" and make you feel like you got a bargain.  All our customers are in the trade, so we offer an honest trade rate right from the beginning, so if you are a one man builder or a huge construction company, you get the same low price - it's only fair.


Probably the most common compliment we get when being compared to other dealers is that we know our product.  Lasers and Levels are our business, not just one product line in a sea of other products.  So when we give you advice, it is genuine, honest and accurate, not just reading off the side of a box.  So please feel free to call us or pop in to our retail showroom if you are looking for a laser or level and let our expert sales people talk to you about what you need to do and what we would recommend for the job.