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C.Scope SD100 Handheld security Metal Detector Scanner - CScope

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Used in many New Zealand industries, from weapons detection at venues to checking soft toys for pins after manufacturing. C.Scope have developed a new metal detector for the security industry featuring normal sensitivity or extremely high sensitivity with switch-on-and-go ease of use. The SD100 Metal Detector is a direct response to security industry needs to detect ever smaller potentially dangerous metal objects concealed about a person or in their belongings. Razor blades, needles, wires can be detected far more easily with the SD100 than with conventional old-fashioned metal detectors.
The SD100 is extremely lightweight at under 400 grams, yet robust and comfortable in the hand. Low power consumption is a special feature allowing a full day's work easily between battery change.
The operator is alerted to the presence of a metal target by a clear audio tone and an illuminated LED. The normal sensitivity setting is fine for everyday use but a simple push button brings the Hi-Alert sensitivity into operation optimising detection range and small object recognition.
Providing a clear deterrent, reinforcing the authority of the security operative, the detector design is proven to be the best shape for both body search and rummage search. The SD100 provides maximum protection on the front line, in the battle against those who would hide potentially dangerous metal objects with an intent to cause harm. An indispensable tool for security professionals.

Typical normal to Hi-Alert detection ranges are as follows:

Average size coin : 5 - 9 cm
Large coin : 7 - 12 cm
Nail Scissors 6 - 10 cm
Knife : 8 -15 cm
Revolver 12 - 20 cm

The smallest size metal would be an item like a 5mm coin or hypodermic needle.

  • Detect any ferrous/non ferrous metals
  • Simple one handed operation
  • Accurate and quick
  • Compact
  • Operating System: C.Scope designed high performance induction balance
  • Controls: on/off and normal/hi-alert sensitivity push-buttons
  • Indicators: Target detection loudspeaker/headphone and LED
    - sensitivity level confirmation - low battery level
  • Dimensions: 425mm x 85mm x 25mm
  • Weight: 400g (including battery)
  • Power: 9 volt IEC type 6F22 - typical work cycle 10 hours operation
  • ISO: Made in the UK - ISO 9001 Quality Standard - CE
  • Warranty: 12 months

Customer Reviews

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Very sensitive

It picks up metal items really easy. We use this at the entrance of our venue and you can scan a person to locate metal items in seconds. Very good.