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Carlson LandfillGrade Management System

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GPS machine guidance with site connectivity and back office analysis. Designed for compactors, dozers, scrapers and graders.

Extend the life of any landfill

Carlson LandfillGrade™ optimises compaction with fewer passes, helping to reduce fuel consumption and machine wear, as well as lower your operating costs.

Increase density across the landfill site with accurate daily analysis and reporting of actual material placement.


  • Track your compaction in real time with colour mapping using pass counts or vertical deflection
  • Reduce airspace, maximise compaction, reaching optimum density in less time
  • Easily generate Airspace Utilisation Factor (AUF), density and volume reports
  • Minimise daily cover
  • Analyse productivity and report from anywhere
  • Efficiently manage both internal and external slopes with grade control
  • Cut survey costs drastically
  • Carlson Site Management EcoSystem compatible
  • Customise the screen layout
  • Supports most GPS / GNSS receivers
  • Direct import of .dwg, .dxf, TN3, GC3, LN3, TIN, GRD and more
  • View percentage of compaction in given area or pass counts on screen
  • Provides real time, easy to read grade guidance for the operator
  • Real time position anywhere on the site
  • Aids leachate management - accurate and easy slope designs to control water run off and minimise leachate for disposal or treatment