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Clegg 4.5kg Professional Impact Soil Tester

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CIV is similar in concept to the CBR (California Bearing Ratio).
CIV may be used as an alternative to CBR in both laboratory and field samples.
Clegg's, determine a soil 'impact value' (IV), which is similar to California Bearing Ratio (CBR), which can be correlated to various strength properties.
Evaluation of relative strength determines suitability of compacted fill for carrying loads.
The tester measures the deceleration of a hammer free-falling onto the soil surface. The Impact Value is determined after four hammer drops to the same spot. Speed and ease of use enable many tests to be performed over a wide area.
With a hardened strike face on the steel drop hammer which falls through an aluminium guide tube.
Peak values are shown on a digital display attached to the guide tube. A calibrating ring is provided, and they come in a sturdy road case.
The CIST/883 display can be clipped to the drop tube for viewing on the large LCD display, as well as bring removed and be used handheld. The Readout Unit displays readings of Impact Value (IV) and also shows the number of times that the hammer has been dropped during each test operation. Another key feature of the CIST/883 controller is that it can also read out the inferred %CBR calculated from the drops.


  • Displays Inferred %CBR
  • Displays Impact Value (IV)
  • Heavy duty design
  • Smooth precise action
  • Supplied in a carry case
  • Measurement Input: Impact Sensor (sealed in compaction hammer)
  • Readout: Unit Receiver with dedicated microprocessor and LCD display
  • Power: 2 x AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 450mm (18") drop, 50mm (2") diameter hammer face
  • Case Dimensions: 800mm x 265mm x 235
  • For: Evaluation of compacted soil and pavement materials with aggregates below 1.5" (38mm).
    450mm (18") drop, 50mm (2") diameter hammer face
  • Unit Weight: 4.5kg
  • Weight in carry case: 15kg
  • Operating Temperature: 1~70 °C
  • Water Resistance: IP67
  • Warranty: 12 months

Customer Reviews

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Good product

Good product. Thanks.

Built better than most

I have used a few impact testers over the years and this one would be the best built one be far. In my last job we had an orange Geotechnics one and the display box needed repairing a few times. This Clegg Pro looks like it's really strong and the detachable display box makes it really convenient to read because you can take it off and hold it in your hand.