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FJD Easydig Wireless 2D Excavator Guidance Machine Control System

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Easydig is a wireless excavator guidance system that leads the industry with centimetre accuracy and can be installed in 30 minutes - by anyone!
The excavator guidance system comes with a modular design that allows you to switch between machines. Precision operation at an affordable price.
The proof is in the numbers, just compare Digital Construction VS Traditional Construction:

Ideal for applications such as: Road Construction, Trenches, Swimming Pools, Residential Projects, Foundations, Car Parks etc.

The new Wireless Sensor is specifically designed for seamless integration with excavators. This compact sensor makes installation a breeze, while its small size ensures minimal interference with the excavator's operations. It is engineered to be highly stable and secure during construction work. Experience increased ease of use and improved efficiency with this cutting-edge addition to your excavator setup.


  • Faster job completion
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced checking
  • Less material waste
  • Eliminate over-excavating
  • Wireless tilt sensors
  • Fast to set up and use
  • Bright touch screen display
  • High resolution control box
  • Simple install
  • Intuitive interface
  • Control Terminal Dimensions: 300 x 190 x 43 mm
  • Control Terminal Screen: 10.1'' LED Touchscreen
  • Control Terminal Power Supply: 10 - 30V
  • Control Terminal Signals Received: - 2.4GHz WiFi,BT 5.0
  • Control Terminal Working Temperature: -20℃ - +70℃
  • Control Terminal Storage Temperature: -40℃ - +85℃
  • Control Terminal Exposure: IP66
  • Body Sensor Axis (Tilt): Pitch and Roll
  • Body Sensor Range: Pitch ±90°, Roll ±180°
  • Body Sensor Resolution: 0.01°
  • Body Sensor Max. Angular Velocity: ≤400°/s
  • Body Sensor Operating Voltage: 4.9V - 32V
  • Body Sensor Power: <400 mW
  • Body Sensor Operating Temperature: -40°C - +85°C
  • Body Sensor Exposure: IP68
  • Wireless Sensor Dimensions: 119 x 86 x 43 mm
  • Wireless Sensor Charging: Battery Charging + Solar Charging
  • Wireless Sensor Power Supply: 5V
  • Wireless Sensor Hibernation Mode: Yes
  • Wireless Sensor Battery Life: Above 100h
  • Wireless Sensor Charging Time: ≤ 10h
  • Wireless Sensor Battery Capacity:  7800mAh
  • Wireless Sensor Operating Temperature: -20°C - +65°C
  • Wireless Sensor Storage Temperature: -40°C - +85°C
  • Wireless Sensor Exposure: IP66
  • Wireless Sensor Communication Protocol: CAN
  • Wireless Sensor Communication Distance: 30m
  • System Accuracy: Centimetre
  • System Working Temperature: -20°C - +65°C
  • System Power Supply: 9~36V
  • System Warranty: 12 months