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HipChain 2 Thread Distance Measure

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The HipChain 2 is a time tested instrument for precise distance measurement. Simply tie the cotton thread to a fixed object at your starting point, zero-set your counter and begin walking. The thread pulls out as you walk turning the counter. The instrument is mounted to your belt, so the thread always remains taunt and precise (photodegradable thread breaks down with sun exposure).
When you have reached your desired finishing point, simply break the cotton thread and continue.

Made from high impact resistant plastic, measures 9999.9m and comes complete with a 5000m spool of photodegradable thread.
The HipChain 2 is designed around a slim cone holding a longer 5000 metres of thread and the base of the cone interlocks firmly into the case, resulting in fewer unspooling snags, simplified rethreading and time-saved in the field. A new friction brake to control the measuring wheel now assures that there will be excellent unit-to-unit consistency of measurement.

HipChain 2’s high-visibility red case has metal hinge pins for cold weather durability and a tough metal clasp. A knob-type reset is now positioned conveniently at the rear. This placement allows the case to have a slim, smooth outer profile. This reset knob can also be turned by using a finger and rolling the wide rim either from the side or from the top. By using paired gear-sets during assembly, the calibration is be easily set from feet to meters with no additional parts. This results in the retail cost being the same for either calibration.


  • HipChain 2
  • 5000m spool of thread
  • Belt
  • Longer thread spool - 5000m!
  • Friction brake control
  • Easy to use
  • High impact plastic body
  • Ideal for forest use, where you can't use a tape
  • Range: 0m - 9999.9m
  • Resolution: 0.1m
  • Weight: 500g
  • Warranty: 12 months