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Magmo Cable BNC to BNC - Premium

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The Magmo BNC to BNC (British Navel Connector) cable is high-end and industry leading.
Made in Japan from Canare LV-61S Coaxial Cable, with high flexibility and a tightly woven braided shield. The Connectors are from Neutrik in Liechtenstein are considered the best BNC connectors in the world for their unique design.  Both the metal connector and the rear housing are joined and swivel, so when the connector gets twisted, the entire assembly rotates, rather than the wires breaking inside.

A "better than original" replacement for the one that comes with the Clegg, Geo-Impact or Controls impact tester, or any other BNC to BNC device.

  • Neutrik swivel connectors
  • Highly flexible cable
  • Solid Polyethylene Dielectric
  • Tightly Woven Braid Shield
  • PVC Jacket
  • Cable: Canare LV-61S coaxial
  • Plug1: BNC
  • Plug2: BNC