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Protimeter MMS3 Moisture Meter Measurement System with Wireless Capability

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The Protimeter MMS3 Moisture Measurement System with Wireless Capability is a powerful four-in-one moisture measurement tool with a variety of customisable options. Its intuitive interface and responsiveness allow for quick and simple analysis of air humidity, temperature and moisture levels both at and below material surfaces.

Moisture intrusion can be measured through the integrated pin-type probes or additional accessories, such as the hammer probe, which allow for measurement at depth. Non-invasive assessments can be made via the instrument’s pinless radio frequency setting, allowing for moisture detection 19mm-120mm below the surface, ensuring that materials such as ceramic tile, masonry and plaster remain undamaged.

In addition to its various moisture measurement functions, the Protimeter MMS3 also allows for relative humidity and condensation measurements through its built-in hygrometry feature. This is particularly useful for detecting conditions conducive to mold and fungus growth and assessment of equipment (such as dehumidifiers). A surface temperature mode enables dew point proximity calculations through an integrated IR laser thermometer.

This moisture meter boasts manual or automatic data storage of up to 10,000 records and compatibility with Protimeter PC and mobile applications, allowing for further analysis and live data streaming. The ergonomic design of this unit lends itself to simple, single-handed operation, while its impressive array of functions and options make it a powerful tool for home inspection, moisture mapping, building surveying, flood restoration and more.


  • MMS3 Meter
  • Quickstick ST Humidity Sensor - POL8751 
  • HD MC Remote Probe Head with pins - BLD5060 
  • User Manual
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • Carry Case
  • Pin moisture measurement with built-in calibration check
  • Improved non-invasive moisture measurement with sensitivity mode feature and simple field calibration
  • Non-contact surface temperature measurement with Infrared (IR) laser pointer
  • Fast Response
  • Manual and automatic data logging up to 10,000 records
  • File viewer mode to view logged data
  • Data reporting and processing through Protimeter PC software
  • Live data stream over Bluetooth, data log into file or embedded into an image in Protimeter app
  • Web interface to view the logged data
  • Easy-to-use interface with colour display and multi-language capability
  • Firmware upgradable


  • Pin Measurement Range: 6% to 100% WME
  • Pin Measurement Depth: Up to 10.0mm (0.4")
  • Pinless Measurement Range*: Non-invasive (RF) up to 12cm (5") deep, 60 to 1000 (relative)
  • Infrared Surface Temperature: Laser Pointer: 12:1 (D:S) Ratio
    Range: -20°C to 80°C
    Accuracy: ±2°C
  • Humidty and Air Temperature: With Hygrostick:
    30 to 40% ±3% RH at 20°C
    41 to 98% ±2% RH at 20°C
    -10°C to 50°C, ±0.3°C

    With Quickstick / Quickstick ST:
    0 to 10% ±3% RH at 20°C
    10 to 90% ±2% RH at 20°C
    90 to 100% ±3% RH at 20°C
    -10°C to 50°C, ±0.3°C
    Nominal Response: 30% to 90%
  • Plug In Surface Temperature (BLD5808): Range: 0°C to 70°C
    Accuracy: ±0.7°C at 25°C
  • Data Storage: 10,000 readings on device
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth to Protimeter App
  • Display: 2.4" Adjustable Backlit LCD
  • Power: 2 x AA (included)
  • Warranty: 24 months