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Rite In The Rain Printer/Copy Paper A4 8512

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Now you can photo copy or laser print your existing forms on "Rite in the Rain" copier paper.
You've all dealt with the hassles of writing in wet situations. The paper turns to mush, you scramble for cover, grab and umbrella or plastic bag and attempt to continue your work. Worse yet, you've just completed your work and your notes are ruined by a sudden rain squall. For just pennies a sheet "Rite in the Rain" enables you to work efficiently, regardless of the environment. It's like having rain gear for your notepad. Evidence and data worth gathering, is worth protecting with Rite in the Rain!

Rite in the Rain is NOT SUITABLE FOR INKJET PRINTERS. Water-based inks will bead up and wash off the sheet.


  • Blank sheets for printing your own forms
  • All Weather paper
  • 200 sheets per pack
  • Compatible with most photocopiers and laser printers
  • Paper: All Weather
  • Pages Per Pack: 200
  • Paper weight: 75gsm
  • Size: A4

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Frederick Miller
Waterproof Paper keeps professors, researchers, students, dry-eyed and happy!

We have long used "Rite in the Rain" weatherproof writing and copier paper for frequent trips into the field in our marine biology, ecology, and oceanography classes, for note and data-taking, sketching, and also for photocopier pre-printing lab exercise instructions to be completed by students out in the field under all kinds of wet conditions--damp forests, intertidal beach zones with sea spray and rain, onboard research vessels, at river shores, and salt marshes. It works best with pencil, since pen inks will, themselves, run when wet, but pencil leads don't. The paper can get completely saturated and remains intact and writeable, and what is written on it stays there. Divers and snorkelers can write on it underwater. It's standard equipment for college courses that get outdoors! Can't function without it.

Tough and durable

Just as advertised. I am a fire chief and needed something to write reports on in every type of weather scenario so I decided to test this out. It will rip and fold like any regular piece of paper (which is not a drawback) but it is a little tougher. I poured some water on a sheet and let it sit for a few minutes. There was zero smearing of the ink and zero penetration into the paper. The water just beaded off. Great product!