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Stonex R180 Robotic Total Station

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The R180 from Stonex Italy is a highly accurate and fast Android robotic station. It features a rotation speed of 180°/sec and an EDM accuracy of 1 mm + 1 ppm, with a range of up to 1000 m without a prism. The R180 is available in two versions, 0.5″ and 1″ second. For both models, the quietness and smoothness in prism searches and rotations are among the most observed and appreciated features.

Equipped with the Android operating system, the R180 has Cube-a as onboard software. This enables users to navigate online and interact with the touch screen in an easy and familiar way.

The Cube-a onboard software includes all the classic functions of the program, as well as the integration of jobs done with GNSS and surveys done with the total station. This allows operators to achieve complex and professional work in a short time and with high accuracy. Additionally, the R180 has a camera and a light guide to further facilitate field work.


  • Android 11 operating system
  • Cube-A software
  • 180° per second Tdrive motors
  • Up to 1000m without a prism and up to 6000m with a prism
  • Built in camera
  • 0.5 - 1” accuracy
  • 1000 m reflectorless range
  • Large bright TFT 720×1280 touch screen displays
  • Dual face
  • Large 3GB (RAM) + 3GB (ROM) memory
  • Accuracy: 0.5 - 1”
  • Display resolution: 0.1”
  • Method: Absolute 4 quadrant 
  • Compensation: Electronic liquid dual axis
  • Distance measurements:
    • Standard Prism: 6,000m
    • Reflectorless: 1,000m
  • Distance accuracy:
    • Standard Prism: 1mm +1ppm
    • Reflectorless: 2mm +2ppm
  • Weight: 9.3kg (incl. battery & tribrach)
  • Operating temp: -20°C to 50°C
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Memory size: Internal 3GB (RAM) + 3GB (ROM)
  • Interface: RS232C / Micro USB / Bluetooth
  • Battery: 14.4V, 6,400 mAh Li-Ion
  • Operating time: Up to 5 hours
  • Operating system: Android
  • Warranty: 24 months