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Topcon LS-B10 Magnetic Machine mounted Laser Receiver

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The LS-B10 laser receiver delivers a versatile, low cost indicate solution for grade checking and machine control grade applications, this compact and light weight unit comes complete with an integrated magnetic mount. The LS-B10 can be easily installed on a vast array of machines and with its small, lightweight design, the LS-B10 with Holder-6 is excellent for manual grade checking too!
The LS-B10 provides cost-effective solutions for grade control on small machines such as backhoes, mini-excavators, skid steer loaders, and other compact equipment. The LS-B10 features a magnet mount for quick attachment when used on equipment or can be combined with the optional holder for use on a grade rod.

  • Machine control and grade checking capability
  • 4 on-grade zone selections (LED); coarse to fine grade for machine control
  • 11 LCD grade channels with 5 gradual triangles for out of grade indication
  • 270° detection range
  • Red and green LED indicators
  • Detector Length: 120 mm
  • Detector Angle: 270°
  • On-grade zone (LED): 2, 6, 12, 30 mm
  • LED Grade Indicators: Red (up arrow) , Green (–), Red (down arrow)
  • LED Grade Patterns: 5 grade, 2 lost beam, 1 low battery, 1 level alert
  • LCD: one side
  • LCD Grade Indicators: 11 channels, on-grade + 5 gradual triangles
  • LCD Backlight: Yes
  • Low Battery Indicator: LED pattern & LCD symbol
  • Transmitter Low Battery Ind.: LCD symbol
  • Transmitter Level Indicator: LCD symbol
  • Mountings: Built-in magnet mount, grade rod clamp attachment
  • Dual Sided Magnet Mount yes
  • Buttons: 3 (1power, 1mode, 1buzzer) 1BT (LS-B10W only)
  • Beeper: dual tone; loud and light
  • Ports: CAN ,Bluetooth (LS-B10W only)
  • Connectors: one for CAN (M12) (LS-B10W only)
  • Housing: ABS
  • Batteries: 3 AA dry cell Alkaline, no rechargeable
  • Battery Life: LS-B10 = Approximately 100 : LS-B10W = Approximately 20 Alkaline hours, N/A rechargeable hours
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to +50 degrees Celsius
  • Storage Temperature: -30 to +60 degrees Celsius
  • Humidity: 95% 40°C 48H
  • Vibration: JIS A 8101
  • Electrical: EN55022 Class A, IEC801-2, IEC801-3
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Power Save and Laser-on power save: in after 5 min with no beam detection, power back upon Laser
  • Auto Shutoff after: 30 minutes
  • Mode to turn off LED: yes
  • Warranty: 12 Months

Customer Reviews

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nice product

strong magnet, bright indicators,

The Don
Tough little bugger!

This is a tough little receiver and quite deceptive in it's size. Well built and with really tough magnets, this receiver is every bit as good as you would expect from Topcon. My only issue with it is that the pick-up window (the red part) is limited in size, so it's only suitable for smaller excavators or for finishing work with bigger machines, but this was explained to me by the sales person at Trig when I bought it, so it was my choice to go with the smaller receiver. All in all, it's good value and works great.