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Topcon RL-2002S Steep Slope Dual Grade Rotating Laser Level (RB)

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The RL-2002S Dual Grade Laser will keep you working accurately day after day by providing the highest grade repeatability available (7 arc seconds).
Providing an exceptional grade range of +/-10% in the X axis and an industry leading -5% to +25% in the Y axis.
Other features include a large, bright, high-contrast display, and a large, clearly labeled operation interface for ease of use. The optional full feature remote to control allows you to control all RL-2002S functions up to 200m away. The RL-2002S also comes with Topcon's exclusive 5 Year Guarantee, one of the best factory warranties in the industry.


A Slope Laser has buttons to allow the user to tilt the laser over to an angle, however there is no display showing what the angle is. This is ideal for creating slopes where the actual angle does not matter (ie. water run-off on a driveway or pad). Some models allow single axis only and others allow dual axis slope.

A Grade Laser has the same function, however there will be a display which will show the exact angle (usually as a percentage grade), so you can dial in the exact angle required and the laser will tilt over to that gradient. Some models allow single axis only and others allow dual axis grade.


  • Topcon RL-2002S Laser Lever
  • LS-80L Receiver
  • Holder 6
  • BT-67Q Battery Pack
  • DB-75C Battery Tray
  • AD-11C Battery Charger (replaced by AD-13)
  • RC-400 Remote Control
  • 7 Arc Second Accuracy
  • Wide Grade Range (up to 25% slope) without Slope Blocks
  • Extra-Long Battery Life (100 hours)
  • Long Range - up to 1,100m
  • Graphical Display
  • Full Function Remote (optional Accessory)
  • Fully automatic self-levelling
  • Accuracy: Horizontal 7 arc seconds (±0.5mm at 30m)
  • Repeatability: 7 arc seconds
  • Range: 1m - 550m (1100m diameter)
  • Rotation Speed: 300/600/900 rpm
  • Grade Range: (dual) ±10% / -5% to +25%
  • Rotation Speed: 300/600/900rpm
  • Wave Length: 685nm visible
  • Laser Class: Class 3
  • Operating Hours: 100H (Alkaline), 90H (Rechargeable)
  • Environment: IP66
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 218mm x 253mm x 174mm
  • Warranty: 5 years