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Topcon RL-H5A Slope Rotating Laser Level (Rechargeable)

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The Topcon RL-H5A Horizontal Self-Leveling Rotary Laser is a multi-purpose laser that is ideal for grading, excavating, site preparation, concrete works, and other general construction projects. With a laser receiver, it offers a long operating range that covers up to 800m in diameter. This laser level also offers an accuracy of up to ±1.5 mm at 30m and is self-leveling within ±5 degrees.
For added precision and accuracy, the RL-H5A features manual single-axis slope and rotates 600 times per minute. This horizontal rotating laser is simple to use, intuitive and re-levels itself immediately if the device is disturbed on the job.
With an IP66 rating, the Topcon RL-H5A series is protected from dust and low-pressure water jets. This rotary laser uses either a dry cell or a rechargeable battery that can power the device up to 100 hours, making it the great companion for a long day at work.


A Slope Laser has buttons to allow the user to tilt the laser over to an angle, however there is no display showing what the angle is. This is ideal for creating slopes where the actual angle does not matter (ie. water run-off on a driveway or pad). Some models allow single axis only and others allow dual axis slope.

A Grade Laser has the same function, however there will be a display which will show the exact angle (usually as a percentage grade), so you can dial in the exact angle required and the laser will tilt over to that gradient. Some models allow single axis only and others allow dual axis grade.


  • RL-H5A Laser
  • LS-100D Millimetre Laser receiver
  • Ni-MH Battery Pack BT-79Q
  • Ni-MH Battery Tray DB-79A
  • Battery Charger AD-17
  • Receiver batteries
  • Receiver Holder
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Accuracy ±10 arc seconds
  • ±5 degrees self-leveling range
  • Longest battery life in its class - 100 hours with four D/LR20 alkaline batteries, 60 hours with Ni-MH rechargeable battery (only on RB kit); also can operate with AC power (only on RB kit)
  • On-the-fly battery recharging
  • Single-axis manual slope capability for grade-matching setting
  • IP66 protection against dust and water
  • Large dual handles for easy carrying and set up
  • Fully self leveling
  • Built Topcon Tough
  • Machine control compatible
  • Beam: 2.4mW Class 2/3R
  • Beam Type: 635nm Visible Red Laser Diode
  • Accuracy: ±10 arc seconds, ±1.5 mm at 30m
  • Self-leveling System: Electronic
  • Self-leveling Range: ± 5°
  • Slope Range: ± 5°
  • Power: 4 'D' Size Alkaline Batteries or Ni-MH rechargeable battery (only on RB kit), also can operate with AC power (only on RB kit)
  • Battery Life: Approx. 100 hrs. on Alkaline, 60 hours with Ni-MH rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions: 205 × 211 × 172mm
  • Range: 1m - 400m (800m diameter)
  • Rotation Speed (R.P.M.): 600r.p.m.
  • Water proof/ dust-resistant: IP66
  • Operating temperature: -20℃~+50℃
  • Warranty: 5 years, 1 year on receiver, 90 days on batteries & chargers

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Angus Benson
I expected better from Topcon

The first time I used it everything was fine but the second time it would not level and kept making a whining noise. I sent it back to Trig and they fixed it under warranty but I am disappointed that a Topcon laser would fail so quickly.

Slope function is useless or maybe I’m too dumb

The slope function of this device is analog and does not have preset slope gradients to choose from. You must have a known preset distance determined to be level with the laser, then drop the receiver the exact cm amount needed to correlate with the desired slope. Then you can begin setting slope for drainage/grade. I bought this to accomplish setting sloped grade by myself, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it with this unit. Super solid build quality and accuracy though. If you’re doing level foundations or have 2 guys, this thing is awesome.


Straight forward, well built, accurate. Manual slope is easy to use. Perfect for builders. The receiver is very fast to pick up movement (as it reads out mm)
This laser has all the things you need to build a house or a sloped drive way. More expensive options probably suited for diggers and drain layers.

Works great!

I only recently got mine and wanted to say I did get the RL-H5A as ordered. This appears to be the 'successor' (or at least the equivalent) of the RL-H4C. I checked the accuracy out of the box and it was better than 3mm at around 45m. Probably more accurate than that, I just didn't think it would be a good idea to go stand in my neighbours yard with the measuring staff. The receiver bracket has a spirit level and it clamped on my staff just fine. I like that you can set it on the tripod just eyeballing the level and it will self level - even when the mounting surface is obviously cattywampus. If it is so extreme ( >5 degrees) it can't self level, the LED lights will let you know that the tripod should be leveled enough for the unit to take care of the rest. If the unit is bumped, it will blink lights for a minute and then begin the self leveling procedure automatically.

john becker
Five Stars

A good price put the batteries in and it works very accurate I really like this unit