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Roll Alarm App from Trig Instruments

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AVAILABILITY: Available for immediate download from the Apple App Store or Google Play

This roll alarm allows you to mount your device on a ride-on lawnmower, boat, excavator, caravan or any other type of machine, and set the limit for how much tilt is allowed before it becomes unsafe. As the machine tilts and gets closer to the limit you set, you will get a visual and audio alarm to warn you.

  • Audio and visual alarm warning
  • ± 26˚ limits
  • Fine and Course mode to assist with machine vibration
  • Mute and Audio modes
  • Reduce tipping risks
  • Improved safety
  • Fast to set up and use
  • Simple install
  • Intuitive interface
  • Limit Marker Range: -26˚ to +26˚ in 1˚ increments
  • Limit Marker Increments:
  • Devices: Most Apple and Android Smart Devices
  • Detecting accuracy: ±0.5˚ typical for Apple devices
  • Warning Screen Colour: Green, Yellow within 15˚ of limit markers, Red past limit markers
  • Download from: Apple App Store or Google Play

Customer Reviews

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Really good app

For a few bucks, this app has been a real god send. I can monitor the tilt of my machine and set my own parameters for the angle warnings. I wear earmuffs, so I can't hear the beeping warning, but I guess some users might be able to, but the colour change of the screen makes it stand out easily as a warning.