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Trilex Compass SM360LA Lensatic Professional

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The Trilex SM360LA is a hand-held precision sighting compasses, representing the highest quality in precision, sensitivity and durability. They have friction free sapphire jewel bearings with short settling time for quick and accurate readings. The SM360LA Lensatic is the traditional SightMaster model, featuring an aluminium protected sighting system which withstands the toughest conditions. Equipped with a parallax free glass lens magnification (10x) sighting system in an aluminium housing.

Anti-static liquid filled capsule for optimal dampening of the compass card. The aluminium compass card with precision scale is equipped with a top scale for direct readings on the top of the capsule. Sapphire jewel bearing for friction free movement of the card allowing fast and accurate readings. +/-1° accuracy from true magnetic course with precision sighting.

  • Professional model
  • Tough aluminium body
  • Lens sighting system
  • Lanyard cord
  • Carry pouch
  • Graduation: 360°
  • Dimensions: 75x53x16mm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Warranty: 12 months

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John Batty
hand-held precision sighting compasses

Great work spot on thanks the hand-held precision sighting compasses is just what I have been looking for

Buck Forestry Services
Great light weight compass

Great strong light weight compass that is very easy to use, Recommended.

Sarah Jackson
Good compass

Good compass with a strong aluminium body.

Cool Compass

Easy to use compact to carry and reasonably priced.

Archaeologist approved

I use this for archaeological fieldwork. For most applications--survey, mapping, setting up units, determining the azimuth of walls and stairways - it stands in perfectly well for a Silva, at less than half the price.