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Yamayo 10m Diameter Tape Fibreglass (3m Diameter/10m length) DBH

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Taking tree diameters is simple with this handy pocket size fibreglass tape. Measures up to 3m diameter. Please note: the pi rule side can be easily mistaken as an inch rule, it is not, but in fact a clever rule calculated to measure the diameter of a cylindrical object. To measure length, use the standard metric side, or to measure diameter, use the pi rule side. For example, to measure the diameter of a pipe, wrap the pi rule around the pipe and where the zero mark aligns with the rule, that is your reading in cm diameter.

A diameter tape (D-tape) is a form of dendrometer that is typically used to measure diameter of a tree at breast height (DBH). DBH is measured at a fixed height of 4.5 feet (140 cm) above the ground in the United States, or 1.3 meters in Canada and many European countries. DBH is measured up high to avoid measuring a tree's butt swell. Butt swell is where the base of the tree is unconventionally thicker than the rest of the tree. Height and diameter are used to determine the volume of a given tree.

  • Strong flexible fibreglass tape
  • ABS case
  • Length: 10m Length, 3m Diameter
  • Tape: Fibreglass
  • End: Hook
  • Body case: ABS Plastic
  • Warranty: 12 months

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